How To Use A Bar Spoon

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How To Use A Bar Spoon
How To Use A Bar Spoon

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A bar spoon is one of the professional bartender tools needed to mix cocktails. Its length is longer than that of an ordinary teaspoon, because the glasses and wine glasses in which these drinks are served differ in height from tea cups. But its volume is less than that of a teaspoon - only 5 g. In addition, a fork, a tablet-shaped or round piece, can be soldered at the end of the bar spoon. But the most important difference is the spiral handle.

How to use a bar spoon
How to use a bar spoon


Step 1

To properly use a bar spoon requires a certain skill, which, of course, will come with experience. This tool is used for those cocktails that do not require aeration of the ingredients, their contact with air - a shaker serves for this. But a spoon is needed when you just need to cool the mixture of drinks with ice, which is already in the glass. When stirring a cocktail with a bar spoon, you should make smooth movements in one direction. Ideally, with proper stirring, you should not even hear the ringing of ice in the glass - they all move at the same speed, without touching or colliding with each other.

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An experienced bartender will be able to correctly determine the stirring time. If you don't stir long enough, the cocktail won't have time to cool; if you overdo it, the ice will melt and the drink will be too diluted. If the size of the crushed ice is large, the number of stirring movements can be up to 40, 50 and even 60 times. This can also be controlled by how much the pieces of ice have decreased. There are no hard and fast rules here - use your own intuition and experience.

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In addition to stirring cocktails, you can measure the ingredients added to them with a bar spoon, because its volume is known. When making layered cocktails, bartenders often use it, turning it upside down and resting against the edge of the glass, pouring another layer of the drink over a spoon. The metal ball or knob at the end of the spoon is called a mudler and is used to chop and crush fruit. It is convenient to use a fork, adding berries or olives from a jar to a cocktail, the tablet is used for making layered cocktails and for kneading mint with ice, for example, for making "Mojito". Sometimes a bar spoon also has a practical purpose for the person who will drink a cocktail - for example, if its handle is shaped like a tube.

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