How To Make A Home Brewery

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How To Make A Home Brewery
How To Make A Home Brewery

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Few know that, along with many other beverages, beer can be brewed at home. This preparation is carried out without the production of ethyl alcohol, so it is completely legal. And self-brewed beer can be much tastier than store counterparts.

How to make a home brewery
How to make a home brewery

It is necessary

  • - frying pan;
  • - pan;
  • - barrel;
  • - malt;
  • - hops;
  • - sugar.


Step 1

Get a ready-made homebrewery. This is not difficult to do if you live in a large city. But even in remote areas it is possible to order such equipment on one of the Internet sites. There you can also order dry ingredients for making beer. This home brewery provides complete automation of the brewing process. The cost of the corresponding unit, excluding delivery, depending on the complexity of the functions, ranges from five to twelve thousand rubles. Online shopping is usually cheaper than a traditional store.

Step 2

If you do not want to buy something ready-made, use the materials at hand. For a complete homebrewery outfit, prepare a roasting pan. It can be supplemented with a blender or coffee grinder in order to grind the roasted beans into the wort from which the drink will be prepared. …

Step 3

Take a container in which the beer mix will be brewed. A spacious saucepan of five or more liters is suitable for this. It is advisable that you also have a small wooden barrel at your disposal for better aging of the resulting drink. Equip it with a crane. In this case, you do not need to pour the resulting alcoholic drink into special bottles. It can be stored in the best possible conditions.

Step 4

Buy products that you will use to brew your home brew. You can order a ready-made dry mix in a store, but it is much more interesting to compose it yourself. First of all, you need malt, which is ground roasted seeds. You can make it yourself or purchase it from a store. Yeast, sugar, hops, and various flavors such as honey are also useful. From all this, a liquid wort is made, which, if desired, can be stored in the cold for a long time.

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