Why Soaked Rice Is Good For You

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Why Soaked Rice Is Good For You
Why Soaked Rice Is Good For You

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Rice soaked in water has many beneficial properties. It cleanses the body of slagging, speeds up metabolism and, as a result, improves well-being. Moreover, it is very easy to cook it yourself at home.

Why soaked rice is good for you
Why soaked rice is good for you

Rice to cleanse the body

Soaked rice has the properties of granules that adsorb a variety of debris in the digestive tract, removing toxins. Such rice clears the walls of blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, reduces the critical concentration of salts, and minimizes arthritic and gouty manifestations.

Soaked rice is very easy to prepare. To get started, take five regular glass half-liter jars, number them with an indelible marker. Pour forty grams of rice into the first jar. It is preferable to use brown, peeled rice, but if you cannot find it on the market, use regular white. Pour the grains with filtered clean water. Wait 24 hours and rinse the rice. Soak it again in fresh, clean, filtered water. At the same time, pour forty grams of rice into container number two and fill it with water. Twenty-four hours later, rinse the rice in jars, fill them with water and "turn on" the third jar in the process, continue the process further, the rice must be washed every day.

When the rice has been soaked for four days, it can be used to cleanse the body. Boil the swollen grains and eat. Or you may not cook the rice in the usual way, but pour boiling water over it, leaving it for twenty minutes.

It is advisable to consume prepared rice in this way as breakfast until eight in the morning.

The next day, eat rice from the next jar, while continuing to rinse the cereals in the already filled jars. It is necessary that the rice is soaked for at least four days, otherwise there will be no sense from it.

How much to follow the rice diet?

In no case should you add any spices, oils, even salt during cooking to soaked rice. Rice is best consumed in the morning, about half an hour before you can drink a glass of preferably settled water. After eating rice, nothing to eat or drink for the next four hours. To make cleansing with rice more effective, salt should not be added to food during other meals, it is advisable to reduce the number of spicy and fatty foods.

This cleansing is especially recommended for people with kidney disease.

The duration of the rice brushing depends on your desire and well-being. If this does not seem to you an objective enough criterion, be guided by the color of the urine. As soon as it becomes transparent, loses haze, you have achieved the result. This takes several weeks.

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