Cheesecake Lvovsky

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Cheesecake Lvovsky
Cheesecake Lvovsky

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An ancient delicacy that can still be found in branded Lviv coffee houses. This dessert is popular not only in Russia, but also in France. Delicious and light, with an unforgettable aroma. Perfect with tea or coffee. It doesn't matter with what addition the recipe will be, the main thing is fatty fresh crumbly cottage cheese, eggs and butter.


It is necessary

  • - 15 g butter;
  • - 4 eggs;
  • - 500 g of cottage cheese;
  • - 150 g of sugar;
  • - 50 g of raisins;
  • - 1 lemon;
  • - 15 g semolina;
  • - 100 g flour;
  • - 50 g sour cream;
  • - 15 g of cocoa powder.


Step 1

First you need to prepare all the ingredients. Rinse the raisins in warm water and let them dry. Wash and peel the lemon. Make a fine zest from the lemon peel. Divide eggs into whites and yolks.

Step 2

Cottage cheese must be rubbed through a not very coarse sieve. Beat the yolks, gradually adding sugar. Beat the whites separately until they turn into a firm foam.

Step 3

Mix cottage cheese and semolina in one bowl. Then add raisins and oil, mix everything thoroughly. Add finely chopped lemon zest.

Step 4

Prepare a baking dish, grease it with butter and dust it with a little flour. Gradually add the proteins to the total mixture and mix gently, being careful not to crush. Place everything in a baking dish.

Step 5

Preheat the oven well and set the dish on for 60 minutes. The finished cheesecake should cool completely, only then can it be removed from the mold.

Step 6

Prepare the icing. Melt some butter over low heat, gradually add sugar, sour cream, cocoa. Bring to a boil and remove immediately. Pour the prepared cheesecake with hot glaze, you can decorate it with coconut flakes on top. Put the cheesecake in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours.

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