How To Cook Mountain Ash In Cognac

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How To Cook Mountain Ash In Cognac
How To Cook Mountain Ash In Cognac

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Rowan on cognac was a very popular tincture in the USSR, which was sold in stores at a low price. Over time and after the advent of cheap imported drinks, it lost its former popularity. But some spirits companies have inherited and preserved the recipe for a drink that can also be made at home.

How to cook mountain ash in cognac
How to cook mountain ash in cognac


Step 1

A homemade recipe for rowan on cognac does not require any special skills and, in principle, is quite simple. It will need the following ingredients - 300-400 grams of ripe rowan berries (red and black chokeberries are also suitable), half a liter of brandy (do not try to buy cheap drinks, as the tincture will be really tasty only from good raw materials), sugar (you can use and honey) - about 30-50 grams for a given volume of liquid, 5 grams of vanillin.

Step 2

Experts admit the possibility of using various varieties of berries for the preparation of tinctures, but do not recommend mixing them. It is also believed that, unlike infusions based on vodka or alcohol, cognac has a milder taste and is easily drunk even by people who do not tolerate strong drinks and are forced to drink or eat them. That is why alcohol and vodka tinctures are given more medicinal use, and cognac-based drinks are given the ability to decorate an already pleasant pastime with friends or family.

Step 3

First, the rowan berries must be washed very well, then dried for 10-12 hours, and then grind in a dense bowl, from which not a single drop of valuable fruit juice will be lost. Then you need to place a small frying pan on low heat and fry the sugar on it until it has a pleasant brown color. In the event that you decide to use honey for making a drink, you do not need to heat it, since in this case the product will simply deteriorate.

Step 4

Then you need to put the berries and sugar in a previously prepared container and fill them with cognac, which should cover them by about 4-5 centimeters. After the dishes with the future tincture, you must tightly close the lid and shake thoroughly for one minute so that all the ingredients inside are well mixed.

Step 5

The tincture should mature in a dark but well-ventilated place for about one month. It is better if it is kept cool with a maximum temperature of 18 ° C. After the specified period, the tincture must be filtered through a thick layer of gauze or cloth. Then, vanillin should be poured into a clean liquid, which will give the tincture some piquancy, and again shake a little, and then pour it into the final containers, where the most fragrant and delicious mountain ash on cognac will wait for its finest hour.

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